Tube Flies: Tube Fly Box, Standard Size

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The Standard Box is 6" L x 3.5" W x 1.25" H and holds up to 26 flies.
Tube Flies are great, but how to hold and store them and carry them on the river has been a bit of a problem. Until now! The HMH tube fly box uses drilled closed cell foam to securely hold the head of the tube fly. Easy in and easy out for safe and secure pattern changes on the water. The flat foam bottom also will hold extra hooks securely.

Strong, clear acrylic boxes
Sturdy stainless hinges
Drilled closed cell foam
Holds most tube fly patterns
Extra hooks can be held in flat bottom
Easily see flies in box
Standard and Big Fly
No more loose flies to get lost and tangled!


Tube Flies have some real advantages over conventional flies:

Fly pattern size and style are not dependent on hook size or style. You can tie long, large flies with smaller hook sizes that reduce fish mortality and foul hooking.

The tube fly hook can be placed further back in the pattern resulting in more hook ups and fewer short strikes.

You have many tube choices for every fly pattern, including weight, color, size, shape and length options.You can tie a Green Butt Skunk or Sculpin pattern in many different ways to increase pattern effectiveness.

The hooked fish has less hook leverage with the shorter shank tube fly hook. When fighting fish in heavy currents this results in more fish brought to hand.

The tube fly usually slides up the leader and away from sharp teeth during fight. You can also slide the tube fly away from the hook when you are having difficulty releasing a fish: A real advantage! Also, for deeply hooked fish, just cut the hook loose and let the fish go, without losing your tube fly!

If a tube fly hook breaks, gets nicked or gets dull, simply replace it and keep on fishing the fly! No need to throw the fly away anymore.
You have many model and brand hook choices on one fly: You can experiment and find the hook that performs best for you without tying a lot of different flies!

You can change a tube fly easily from barbed or barbless, from size 2 to 6, etc.

You can use non stainless hooks in saltwater.This really gives you a lot of latitude on salt water hook choices, and is economical too. No need to throw away the fly when the hook has been sharpened too many times.

You can incorporate cones and beads to add and adjust weight of flies, and develop your own system of weighting the same tube fly to fish at different depths.

You can tie convertible flies! Mix and match tailing material, body and wings, weighting, colors: The options are limitless, exciting and have yet to be fully explored!

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